STEP CHUCKS AND CLOSERS are carried in stock in 50.8mm,76.2mm, 101.6mm,127mm and 162mm rated sizes. All step chucks are supplied with pin holes and pins in place for precision machining.

STEP CHUCKS are exceptionally useful for accurately holding work up to 162mm in diameter. Castings, moldings, stampings and machined parts are held rigidly and accurately. Tubing can be held without crushing or distorting.

CHUCK CLOSERS fit directly to the machine spindle. A taper corresponding to that on the periphery of the step chuck places the closing pressure over the stepped area of the chuck, resulting in greater gripping power and accuracy.

For:CT-1118CNC, CT-606CNC, CP-27CNC, CTL-618EVS, CHR-68EVS, CTS-27EVS, CP-27EVS, CTL-618e, CHR-68e, CTL-27EVS