OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT This attachment can be used on the front or rear of the double tool cross slide. It is for straight or angular turning, back facing, under-cutting or for turning long slender parts that cannot be readily formed by a full width tool Two of the attachments may be mounted on the double tool cross slide for turning or boring tow different angles at on setting of the work, such as valve setas or bevel gears. The swivel base is graduated in degrees and can be swiveled and locked to any angle. The lever operated rack and pinion slide travel of 44mm is controlled in either direction by adjustable stops. The tool post takes standard 8mm square tool buts.

Tool No:CTS-27-07

For: CHR-68EVS, CHR-68e, CTS-27EVS, CTL-27EVS, CP-27EVS

Straight and Taper Turning Slide for Double Tool Cross Slide