The fixture plates are machined all over for direct application to the headstock spindle. Three sizes are are available:76mm, 127mm and 225.4mm diameter. The flange section is 19mm (3/4") thick. The center hole IS 11mm(7/16") in diameter. These plates can be machined to become a fixture or for mounting fixtures to hold work or for mounting special purpose chucks.

(Specify for taper nose spindle)

When ordering, specify whether for taper or threaded nose spindle. A=Threaded, B=Taper

Tool No:T-FP-3B, T-FP-5B, T-FP-8B

For:CTL-618EVS, CTS-27EVS, CTL-27EVS, CHR-68EVS, and CP-27EVS, CT-606CNC, CT-1118CNC, CP-27CNC, CTL-618e, CHR-68e

Fixture Plates