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Cyclematic Machinery takes pride in manufacturing CNC toolroom lathe which features constant quality, technical competence, and competitive price. We have an efficient development team of well-experienced engineers who understand exact customer needs through complete market research and try to adopt the latest technology in designing & development of toolroom lathe.

Will be a lot of different series of cutting operations into the controller, so no human intervention can be carried out according to the program a variety of different steps.
Also known as the rotating bed, is a fixed workpiece in a rotating spindle processing machine tool.
Spindle tooling
Tooling Holder
Optional equipment
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Quality is the Driving Force Behind Cyclematic's Success.
Toolroom Lathe
Cyclematic toolroom lathe CTL-618e model are designed with digital threading control replaces traditional threading gearbox.
Toolroom Lathe
The specially designed bed ways of CTL-618EVS high speed tool room lathe are made of hardened and ground alloy, tool steel that resist wear. The angular guide ways allow chips to fall in the chip tray.
Toolroom Lathe
Second Operation Lathes with guaranteed circularity accuracy - Fully enclosed preloaded angular contact ball bearing headstock with splash shield for spindle. Fast lever collet chucking with a single movement.
CNC Toolroom Lathes
CT-1118CNC CNC lathe machine is the NC upgrade from CTL-618EVS manual toolroom lathe. It keeps the original machine's durability and elegant exterior while automating it with servos and CNC control.
CNC Toolroom Lathes
Dovetail bed ways on x and z axis gets maximum stability and makes it suitable to have deep turning. Gang Tool Block for tool holders speeds up the tool changing time and provides high accuracy.
Toolroom Lathe
The compound slide rest can be readily applied to the CYCLEMATIC Second Operation Machine for screw feed precision turning, facing and boring operations.
Toolroom Lathe
Spindle tooling, tooling holder and optional equipment for cyclematic high speed. High accuracy toolroom lathes.
Toolroom Lathe
Specialized for small parts, precision parts and fine surface finishing machining.