CNC Toolroom Lathe

CT-A70CNC CNC Toolroom Lathe Series


  • Gang-tool system for fastest tool change
  • 70 degree slant-bed chip fall away quickly
  • X-Axis travel 400mm Z-Axis travel 200mm
  • High quality ground ball-screws and linear guides for precision and reliabilty.
  • 3HP spindle motor (5HP ,C-axis positioning optional)
CT-A70CNC CNC Toolroom Lathe Series

Gange Type tooling
The tool holder are directly mount ont T-slot of sub plate. Linear tool arvangemet reduce the tool change time and toltal cycle time.
Gange tool system with tool turret will improve efficiency.

70 degree slant bed is made for shrinking machine size, acceleration cutting chip decrasing the time of falling shield.axes movement is on precision class LM guideway & Ball screw. Drive to the ball screw is directed by AC server motor with flexble coupling achieving position and repeatability accuracies. Auto lubrication unit lubricates LM Guidewars and ball screws.

Capacities Swing over Bed Dia 270mm
Swing over cross slide Dia 130mm
Collet 5C/YB32
Max Bar Diameter 27/32 mm
Headstock Spindle hole 31.75(5C)/39(YB32)
Max speed 4000/6000 rpm
Max rating 2.2KW(3HP)/3.7kw(5HP)
Coolant pump 0.18KW (1/4ph)
Axis X-travel 400mm
Z-travel 200mm
X axis Ball screw Dia x pitch 20x5 mm
Z axis ball screw pitch Dia x pitch 20x5 mm
Machine size(LxWxH) 227x89x173 cm
Machine Weight 900kg
Standard Accessories Collet chuck
Foot switch
Working lamp and alarm
Tools and tool box
Operating manual
Optional Accessories Chip conveyor with bucket
 4” 3 jaw hydraulic chuck
Bar feeder
Six station turret
CT-A70CNC CNC Toolroom Lathe Series