Toolroom Lathe

CTL-20 Cyclematic Tool Room Lathe Machine Series


CTL-20 Cyclematic Tool Room Lathe Machine Series

Specialized for small parts, precision parts and fine surface finishing machining.

CTL-20 Cyclematic Tool Room Lathe Machine Series

Spindle adopts copper conical bearing and oil film lubrication, light heat deformation of bearing, good at finish cutting and smooth cutting.

Spindle designed for precision turning, adopted copper conical bearing. Precisely grinding bearing's taper hole and three point support to ensure the accuracy of spindle.

CTL-20 Cyclematic Tool Room Lathe Machine Series

Apron Intergated Automatic control for longitudinal & cross feeds, forward & reverse feed

Automatic feeding can set travel distance in order to guarantee operation safety. Manual & auto lubrication system to cross slide and bed way.

CTL-20 Cyclematic Tool Room Lathe Machine Series
  • bed is made of casting, heat treatment and precision ground to prolong machine life.
  • Rigid casting is vibration-absorbent and high strength
  • With simple operation tailstock, M.T. No2
  • Emergency foot -operated braking system

Standard Components

  • Turning indicator, 35 & 36/per 1 set
  • Changeable gear *22 pcs
  • Tool box
  • Foot stand *4 pcs
  • Male canter *1 pcs


  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • Compact
  • 4 setting of longitudinal-feed stop device
  • Coolant device
  • Work light
  • 3jaw or 4jaw chuck
  • Mounting plate
  • MT2 Live center
MODEL unit CTL-20
capacity Max. swing mm 240
Max. cutting O.D. mm 140
Distance between center mm 390
Collet Collet type mm EDA-8
Bore I.D. mm 20
square mm 13
hexagon mm 16
O.D. mm 25
spindle Hole through spindle mm 22
spindle speed variation speed 10
Speed H mm 360 1100 1600 2000 2600
L mm 180 550 800 1000 1300
Cross slide Removal speed variation speed 6
(transverse 1/2)
mm/rev 0.02 0.03 0.05
0.08 0.12 0.20
Thread range range mm, tooth/inch 0.2~0.5 , 40~7
Lead of lead screw mm 6
Tailstock Tailstock mm 36
Tailstock spindle mm MT No.2
Tailstock travel mm 130
Bed Length mm 1000
Width mm 230
Main motor kw 220V-2.2/1, 1-4/8P
Machine dimension mm 1310x670x1150
Machine weight kg 1000